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  • Advisory

  •  Valuations: Valuing a company is the process of determining the economic value of a business. A valuation can be performed for a variety of reasons. Our Valuation service puts an emphasis on measuring the value and managing the value drivers of your company. Understanding the dynamics will enable you to properly time an investment or divestment in the future. As a data platform we provide our clients with public transaction multiples in combination with a Discounted Cash Flow approach.
  •  Value Creation: We support our clients in achieving operational excellence. Our team has hands-on experience in creating business development opportunities, improving cost efficiency and value chain analyses. Value creation is not merely improving financial key performance indicators, but also building a sustainable and resilient business. Through the Value Creation service we share our knowledge how to transform a business into a sound investment opportunity.
  • Investments: Investment activity can vary depending on the company´s phase in the industry lifecycle, the management´s ambitions and the financial position of the business. Growing organically in the domestic market can become more challenging over time, while excess cash on the balance sheet can provide acquisition opportunities. By means of a thorough analysis of the financial and non-financial metrics of the company, we advise our clients on acquisitions, capital restructuring and capital raising possibilities.
  • Insights

  • Market research: Investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina may be a first-time experience for certain investors. For institutional investors we provide custom-made market research for improved decision-making. Our researches focus on describing market characteristics, dynamics and trends. The goal of our researches is to identify market and investment opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
  • Deal origination: As a digital platform we believe that effective deal origination is key in successful investing. For private equity firms, venture capital firms and angel investors we provide comprehensive data for a viable deal flow. The Deal origination service provides investors the opportunity to be timely informed on investment opportunities that meet their investment criteria. 
  • Legislation and incentives:  Different layers of governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina have imposed laws and created incentives to encourage investments. Municipalities are establishing industrial zones, while higher levels of governments provide grants and tax incentives to boost investments and employment. Pontem advises about the current incentives and represents clients in the process towards realizing an investment.