How long does it take for my registration to be reviewed?

Within 2 business days after registering you will be contacted by our team regarding your registration.

Can Pontem decline my registration?

Yes, our company has internally set out standards that will have to be met by all users. Standards have been set to enhance the quality of our platform. Our team will be pleased to assist the user as much as possible in completing the registration in good order.

Am I charged a subscription fee if I wish to seek investment opportunities?

No, investors are free of charge when registering on Pontem.

How can I, as an investor, contact an investee?

When you have registered as an investor, you will be assigned the rights to view all investment opportunities. Next to the viewing rights, below every proposal there will a message box through which one can send messages to investees.

What is the purpose of the message box function available to investors?

The message box enables the investor to directly contact the investee or its representative. We advise the investor to provide more information to the investee and elaborate on the reason for contacting the investee.

What information is sent to the investee when sending a message?

During registration you will have filled in information on your company and contact person. When sending a message to an investee, next to the message, the following information on the company and contact person will be sent: company name, address, city and postal code, country, website, name of contact person, function, e-mail address, telephone number and link to LinkedIn profile.

Is the investee obligated to contact me as an investor after sending a personal message?

No, Pontem will discuss the expressed interest with the investee and based on all information received, the investee is free to choose whether he/she wishes to act on the expressed interest. 

What information shoud I provide as a natural person instead of a legal entity when registering as an investor?

Please provide your personal information where company information is requested.

What language should I use when sending a message to an investee as an investor?

English or any of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina being Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian.